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Pagan Humor LIII


* MM = Merry Meet*

Round shape for wheel of the year, cycle of seasons*

Skins are different colors, but the inside is the same chocolate, because we are all related.*

Associations with the colors: Red = South, Green = West, Dark Brown = North, Yellow = East, Orange = For the Solar God, Light Brown = For the Earth Mother (Copper Woman)

* Rotate the M & M: M = 13th letter of alphabet, and there are 13 witches in a coven

3 = Triple Goddess, three phases of moon W = Witchcraft, Wiccan E = Enlightenment, Enchantment of chocolate*

“Melt in your mouth, not in your hand”–God/dess’s love must be experienced directly to appreciate. Also, God/dess will take care of you.*

Sweetness to remind us of how sweet the love of the God and Goddess is!

Post Secret LXXV

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My sister’s baby is saving my life.


Dear European Traveler

I feel the same way… I just wanna jump on my motorbike and disappear into the sunset. Goodbye messed up family issues!


I don’t believe vaginismus is a medical problem. I think it’s much more likely that you are either sexually repressed from your religion (“sex is baaad” says the church) or you are so far in the closet you can’t find your way out.


I asked myself that same question… Why is it okay to kill a person but then people get so outraged when they are bullied.


I never trusted cops anyway.

I’m currently deployed in Afghanistan and my wife was at the bottom.. It brings a whole new feeling to the Sunday Secrets whenever I can feel like I’m back home, looking at them together. This secret made a lonely soldier that much more whole.
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