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Post Secret Dec. 29 2014

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In response to the teacher who cannot find magic in his or her classroom:
Your role is not to be the magician. Your role is to be the believer.
The magic will reveal itself (it is most often locked inside your students).

Personal Observations

◆If you dig yourself a hole, don’t whine when you end up with mud on you.
◇There is only one person, who’s opinion counts. Your’s.
◆Thin people may look good in clothes but fit people look good naked (and feel great healthwise).
◇There are few problems that can’t be forgotten by dancing in the rain, naked.
◆Definition of “mini-vacation”: A good book and a pitcher of sweet-tea.
◇School is NOT the best time of your life, nor is it the most important. It is however the easiest, so relax and enjoy the easy life.
◆Preaching to others does not make you the best __{insert religion}__. Being tolerant and caring of others does make you a great human being, though.
◇Santa Claus may not visit the naughty, but Mrs. Claus does (she’s the one who brings socks and undies).