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Pagan Humor LXII

You finally know you are a witch when…

  1. Your BOS has spots on the pages from spilled brews.
  2. When cleaning house you have to specify. “Where is the broom? No, not the broom, where is the one to clean the floor with?”
  3. Candle wax has dripped on your keyboard.
  4. There are more jars of strange smelling plants in your cupboards than there are cereal boxes.
  5. Friends know they can always give you candles and incense as a gift.
  6. When watching old re-runs of Bewitched, you find you side with Samantha’s mother Endora.
  7. When travelling, stranger and stranger strangers tell you their problems.
  8. You find yourself making corn dollies in the checkout line at the grocery store (well, I thought about it).
  9. You ask for Halloween off, because it’s a religious holiday.
  10. You start answering the phone with “Merry Meet”.

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Post Secret LXXXII

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—–Email (to board games)—–
It’s a Saturday night at college, and I’ve been in my dorm in my pajamas playing board games.  Consider this a standing invite.  You’re never as alone as you think you are!
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Spank The Monkey –

Ahhh Spring

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Post Secret LXXXI

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My daughter is 2, and she loves to throw her blocks all over the living room.
Normally I clean them up while my husband gives her her bath. Today, she
picked up over half of them on her own. Getting a little break totally MMD!

Never walk through the high grass, no matter how much time it saves. You’ll
think the red thing on your shirt is spilled barbecue sauce, eat it, and then realize
it has legs and is a tick. #LFMF

My boyfriend is color blind because of damage done to his eyes at a young age.
Sometimes, he’ll see color for a few minutes. It happened for the first time since
we’d been together, and he quickly grabbed me. I asked him what he was
looking at, and he just said “I want to always remember what color your eyes
are.” It made me blush, and totally MMD!

When pulling up your pants a little, make sure it was the waistband of the pants
you grabbed, not your thong. Also make sure not to do this in the wake of two
of your male co-workers. #LFMF

Today is my Grand daughter First Birthday! Considering the doctors kept telling
us she might not live that long and we should prepare ourselves for the worst.
She is kicking spina bifidas butt and we are cheering her on. GO “Bean” GO!!I
am one proud Mimi and IMML!

If you play Black Ops on your laptop on a plane, resist the urge to shout ” HE’S

Last night (Oct 19 2011) at the hockey game they showed a family on the
jumbo-tron. The woman, bald, was holding her young daughter in her arms and
the husband was holding up a sign that said: “Chemo is over, this game is our
reward”. They got a 2 minute standing ovation and IMMD

When encouraging your 1st grader to break a new word into separate,
distinctive syllables in order to better pronounce it, “country” is never an
acceptable word to use. Particularly in public. #LFMF

I am a volunteer at the Planetarium. As I was walking through the display area, a
young boy pointed to a plastic-encased rock and asked “What’s THAT?” I told
him, “That’s a piece of the Moon.” The look of amazed wonder on his face

When you are a girl and you are playing Angry Birds while walking, follow your
MOM into the bathroom, not your dad. #LFMF

Shawshank Redemption 3

I’ve finished the book (actually I finished it in only a couple days but didn’t want to let on that I’ve been reading next months book early).

My final thoughts on the book:

Wheather “Red” was to go on to join Andy or not, the gift left for him by Andy was very generous. Think about that large a gift in the late 1970’s!

I hope that I can live with as much passion and dedication to a dream as Andy Dufresne

I hope I can find a dream to be that passionate about

I hope I can share that dream with those I love

And finaly as Red said

“I hope.”

Shawshank Redemption 2

Suggestion boxes can be fun. “Escape in 10 EZ lesions”

Baseball can too! The excitement of listening to your team playing the final game of the penit for the first time, but subsequently losing “for Andy, there was no tumble down into gloom. He wasn’t much of a baseball fan…” Perhaps though Andy had an alterive motive for being so happy.

Pagan Humor LXI

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