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Post Secret CXXXVI

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Dear Soap
I don’t know how to tell my husband he need to learn to wipe. Be thankful your friend only stinks.

Dear Polk-a-dot
Being fat and bulimic is more humiliating. I’m fat but if people found out I purge, they would be like “haha, fat ass can’t even puke right! She so fat and stupid.”

Dear Spectacular Failure


Are you addicted to Video Games

More and more people are becoming overzealous gamers. Symptoms range from poor diet, to blowing off entire days of social function to escape into their games. I for one play less then 1 hour a month, I have more important things to do then kill zombies, shot my friends, fling birds at pigs or etc. etc.

Could you be on the road to an Eatting Disorder? UPDATE 2

Original Post: HERE

The first time I took this “test” of E.D. Symptoms I had 14/25, I thought I was doing good with recovery so I redid the “test” and had 16/25 symptoms. Once again, I feel that  I’ve been doing so well lately concerning my E.D. and thought I’ll redo the check list. So once again I’ve highlighted the ones I’m suffering from currently.

      1. Eating (or restricting) food provides immediate relief from unpleasant negative feelings.
      2. Your eating behaviors frequently make you very unhappy.
      3. You weigh (or are afraid to weigh) yourself very frequently, and become significantly distressed when you don’t see the results you hope for.
      4. You frequently avoid eating because you are afraid that you may not be able to stop once you start.
      5. You believe there are “bad” or “forbidden” foods that you shouldn’t eat, and eating them makes you feel guilty or ashamed.
      6. You very strictly count calories and track of everything you eat, and feel that going over your limit means you have failed, at least for that day.
      7. When you eat a “forbidden” food or go over your calorie limit, you often decide to continue overeating, since you have blown it.
      8. You frequently think that people are talking (or thinking) poorly about you because of your weight, even when nothing is said.
      9. You are trying to lose weight because you think it will influence how other people think or feel about you and treat you.
      10. Being at your current weight makes it very hard for you to feel good about yourself and you believe that will change when you lose the weight.
      11. The main reason you exercise is to burn calories, and/or offset the calories you have eaten or plan to eat.
      12. You feel like you have to avoid certain foods entirely because you can’t control how much you’ll eat once you start.
      13. You frequently think about food and eating, much more than necessary.
      14. You eat secretly (to avoid embarrassment if others found out about it) or keep hidden food stashes that you eat only when you’re alone.
      15. You believe that many of the problems in your life (work, relationships, etc) are due to your weight, and will improve once you reach a normal weight.
      16. You frequently eat when you aren’t hungry or feel like you can’t stop yourself, but don’t understand why.
      17. Even though your weight is considered healthy or normal, you are not satisfied, and want to keep losing.
      18. You have many rules about what, when, and how much to eat, and breaking these rules causes you to feel anxious, guilty, or negative about yourself.
      19. You tend to follow your eating and exercise plan for days or weeks at a time, but then seem to go on strike, rebelling against your own plans.
      20. The closer you get to an intermediate or long term weight goal, the more you seem to engage in self-sabotage.
      21. You sometimes use overeating, food deprivation, or excessive exercise to “punish” yourself.
      22. You spend a great deal of time and energy tracking your nutrition, and feel very uncomfortable eating food when you don’t know what’s in it.
      23. You sometimes go to extreme measures like using laxatives, diuretics, diet pills or supplements, enemas, or other measures to achieve weight loss or offset calories you’ve eaten.
      24. You find yourself doing things you know aren’t healthy or advisable (skipping meals, over-exercising, eating very few calories) in order to make up for going over your calorie limit, or to speed up your weight loss.
      25. You base your food choices primarily on calorie content, rather than nutritional concerns or personal taste.

11/25 for Me.  The more you have, the more likely you are to develop an eating disorder.  Someone with healthy ideas about eating, exercising and weight loss doesn’t indulge in any of the above behavior.  Apparently. I don’t know even one woman who doesn’t have at least a couple of these “symptoms”.

Calories Burned Update 2

Random Stuff 1

The Second Guy Is Sooo Sweet:

If you take into account inflation in ticket price, ‘Tootsie’ made more than ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’. ‘Blazing Saddles’ made double the amount of ‘Terminator 2′. And ‘American Graffiti’ made more than ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’.

How many times has a Canadian been nominated for the Best Actor Oscar in the last 60 years? Once.

“Straight” actors who play “Gay” characters:

“Gay” actors who play “straight” characters:

Famous Men That Used To Be Women

Post Secret CXXXV

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Dear 50 Shades
I completely agree. The author of the “50 shades” series wouldn’t know real BDSM if it tied her ass up and spanked her all weekend long.

Dear Religious Slave
So leave and be free. It’s your choice to suffer walking a religious path that isn’t YOUR path.

Dear Shrink F*$&er
Having sex with your shrink proves you have deeper issues then you can ever imagine. Find a new shrink and deal with your shit.

Dear Cat Mom
Since you are worried about your kitty, it proves you are not a bad mom. Vets on the other hand are horrible people. If your pet needs help its a $250 charge just to get in the door! Greedy bastards.

What Color Matches Up With Your Personality?

What Color Matches YOUR personality?

My Results were:


Harsh experiences have probably matured the maroon person into someone likable and generous. Maroon is often a favorite color of someone who has been battered by life but has come through and indicates a well-disciplined red personality. The color red symbolises someone who’s had difficult experiences and has not come through unmarked, but has grown and matured in the process.

15.2% of people that have taken this quiz have achieved this result.

I changed 1-2 answers and…


Pink is associated with gentleness, softness and calm. Those who choose pink as their favorite color are often calm, sensitive and care about others feelings. Pink lovers are also generally sympathetic, compassionate and dislike controversy of any kind.

Pagan Humor LXXXV

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Post Secret CXXXIV

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Dear Chicken Salad
WHY do you still call this guy your “best friend” after he said something like that?

Dear “Never Happy Again”
We all miss someone who left us to early in life. It does get better.

Dear “Suck…Up”
If you don’t know the slang term for it, you shouldn’t be doing it.

To Graffiti Sucker
Having sex for attention? This makes you a slut, you do know that, right?

Dear Tub Girl
I’m sorry you were molested, but not reporting that, was and continues to be your CHOICE.

Dear Nice, Pretty, Thin Girl
Umm, maybe it’s because you are a conceeded bitch?

Post Secret CXXXIII

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Dear Generation Hater
We all hate about 87% of your generation

—Email To Alamo—
I only stay because I don’t want to have to go back to working for anyone but myself ever again.

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