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Aren’t we all somewhere in the middle “Somewhere between raising hell and amazing grace”

Always open to interpretation, but….

It’s about being raised a good person, but exploring the wilder side of life and trying to balance that life with the golden rule (Do onto others as you would have them do onto you). It’s about realizing that you aren’t perfect and that’s okay. If you can offer others forgiveness and repent for the wrong you’ve done, then you are a good person. None of us are perfect, and those that say they are are lying, and thus not perfect and are sinners just like the rest of us. Thus, we are ALL somewhere Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace.

Best Pregnancy Video EVER!

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Pagan Humor LXXXIII

Things “Mature” Adults Should Never Do

  1. Have ” ’80’s” hair.1
  2. Wear their pants low enough to reveal the brand of their undies or lack there of.2
  3. Not wear undies.CENSORED
  4. Wear the same leather pants from 1987 or purchase the same size to wear in 2013.4c
  5. Bite their nails.5
  6. Text, IM or email NE1 using 2 many abbreviations. LOL! SOOO ZZZZZ.


  7. Use phrases such as “fo’ ‘shizzle” and “Da ‘hood”.


  8. Attempt to rap.

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What To Do When People Think You’re Nuts (About being Natural)

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Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Long Version

Pagan Humor LXXXII

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