The 8th Of November (1965)

So Called Modern “Witches”

To read the full article (full of nonsense that is) see link

But I feel this sums it up nicely:

rainbow_kitten1– It may sound elitist but idc there are too many wanna blessed bes to begin with. These platforms are encouraging and enabling an onslaught of millenials who minimalize what it is to be a witch. The calling is NOT for just anyone who wants to be a witch or thinks its cool or a fad. Thanks to the blind leading the blind, we now have redundant rudimentary wanna be witches self proclaiming their legitimacy because they have no need for the work and practice that the craft necessitates and is essential for all bona fide Witches. All they need is a 100.00 online witchcraft course and a witchcraft 101 box kit gift with purchase and voila, they are witches. Witchcraft isnt a novelty you just pickup one day after watching the craft, it takes vigorous practice and dedication before you can honor yourself with the title WITCH. No doubt without an online social platform these would-be witches wouldnt care to know much less practice the magickal arts. They should leave witchcraft to us real witches and go play bubble witch…imo

Children’s Education

MAY 25, 2020 — 

Rohingya Children’s Education project is a small Canadian based charity trying to provide education to children in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.
For these survivors of genocide education is not only a path to a better future but also an escape from the tedium of living in a refugee camp shared by 1.3 million other Rohingya refugees.
The goal for the project is $20,000. As a Canadian registered charity all donations to Rohingya Children’s Education project are tax deductible, and for Muslims they are Zakat eligible.
Please consider donating and give the gift of education. All money’s raised will be sent to help the Rohingya Children’s Education project.

Last Minute Gift Idea

Gift Card for $5-45 redeemable anywhere Moygo and MoygoQu sells.

If you don’t have Fiverr, I can create a custom invoice for you if you are interested in purchasing a gift card.


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Samhain 2019

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Random Halloween

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Help plant 20 million trees before 2020.

I know that date is just weeks away 😮 But I also know, that with all of us working together, we can do this for Mother Earth.

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