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How to avoid getting scammed

Many people question psychics, or spiritual counselors, when trying to make important decisions in their lives. While a number of psychics are  frauds or take advantage of your situation, there are many of us that are truly here to help you. There are a few key things to keep in mind when visiting a “seer” in order to know the difference and get the most accurate information.
DO: Research
Before visiting psychics, do some research on them. Ask your friends who have visited the psychic before about their experiences, or, if possible, find other past customers. Also do some research online so you get a well-rounded picture of their reputation. Look into the psychic’s fees and compare them to others in your area. Comparing the fees will tell you if the psychic you are thinking of visiting is overcharging which is a sign of fraud.

DO: Be specific
When asking the psychic questions, be specific about what you want to know. If you over generalize, you may not get any useful information. For example, if you ask for a general read on your love life, you could get something that may not apply for twenty years. If, however, you ask for a reading on your love life over the next few months, then you’ll get information you can use and compare to the outcomes in the near future.

DO: Listen or record
Question your psychic ahead of time about this so you know what the rules are, as well as if recordings are part of the psychic’s process. If they charge extra for a recording, then it is more likely a scam and they are just trying to get money wherever they can. Listening carefully during your reading, taking notes, or getting a recording, can be extremely useful for going back and comparing what happened to what the psychic predicted, as well as for revisiting your session.

However, please remember that shuffling papers, fiddling with your phone or a recorder, could distract your reader. Be considerate of their need to concentrate.

DON’T: Be overly helpful
Don’t be overly helpful. Give them the information they directly ask for, but otherwise you should be listening and not leading the psychic. However, don’t be rude. Being tight lipped, or answering with only “yes/no” can make the psychic feel you are ungrateful for their time. This can cause negative feelings towards you and alter the validity of your reading.

DON’T: Ask yes or no questions
When you ask yes or no questions of psychics. While sometimes you have to ask a yes or no question to find out what you want to know, as much as possible you should avoid them so you can get detailed information from the psychic.

Even when you do ask a yes or no question, don’t be surprised if you get a symbolic answer as that is how most readings come to the psychics.

DON’T: Live your life by what your spiritual advisor tells you

While psychics and spiritual advisors are great to visit now and then to gather information from, they aren’t 100 percent correct all of the time. You are responsible for your own life, and no matter how good a psychic is you should be the one to make the decisions that will affect the rest of your life. Visiting a psychic once in a while for input is great, but don’t base everything you do in life off of what someone else tells you.

Asking questions of psychics can be great fun, and informative, but the sessions don’t always go well. Not every session is helpful. Knowing how to approach a psychic in a responsible, but open way can help you get the best experience possible and help you get honest information.