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Discrimination? Fraud? What do you think?

Steven Avery Reading and Opinion

This video is for entertainment purposes only and has no connection to the defense of Steven Avery or the prosecution of Steven Avery. This is simply my opinion and a Wheel of Destiny reading performed, regarding the topic of Steven Avery.

Are you addicted to Video Games

More and more people are becoming overzealous gamers. Symptoms range from poor diet, to blowing off entire days of social function to escape into their games. I for one play less then 1 hour a month, I have more important things to do then kill zombies, shot my friends, fling birds at pigs or etc. etc.

What Color Matches Up With Your Personality?

What Color Matches YOUR personality?

My Results were:


Harsh experiences have probably matured the maroon person into someone likable and generous. Maroon is often a favorite color of someone who has been battered by life but has come through and indicates a well-disciplined red personality. The color red symbolises someone who’s had difficult experiences and has not come through unmarked, but has grown and matured in the process.

15.2% of people that have taken this quiz have achieved this result.

I changed 1-2 answers and…


Pink is associated with gentleness, softness and calm. Those who choose pink as their favorite color are often calm, sensitive and care about others feelings. Pink lovers are also generally sympathetic, compassionate and dislike controversy of any kind.

Best Pregnancy Video EVER!

My New Twitter Account

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Walk for Wishes 2012

Support/Sponsor Moygo in the Walk for Wishes 2012

I Hope My Niece Has This Taste In Music

WagJag – $399 for a Custom Tailored 2-Piece Suit from Himark Martin Tailors (a $1485 value)

Spank The Monkey –

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