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The 8th Of November (1965)


As I mentioned before a shelter for cats opened in my neighborhood and I am trying to raise money for them.


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Simply type in the desired donation amount and know the Kiddy Kats Thank You.

Our Guarantee To You: $1.00 out of every $1.00 donated (that is all of it!) goes to feed, find homes and provide veterinary services for the animals we shelter. We are a non-profit organization. We do not even pay ourselves. All members are volunteers and this insures that all your donation money goes to the animals sheltered by our members.

At Kiddy Kats, we do not believe in caging animals. Our shelter allows the cats, kittens and etc. to roam the facility and enjoy their surroundings (while still remaining safe).

The 8th Of November (1965)

Homeless And Female

Cute Kitty Cats!

My Time Lord Name

Your time lord name is: The Captain

Your original Gallifreyan name is Rullgarthyonorquadavorwinrupsa, or Rullgarth for short.  Back on Gallifrey, you led a dull and uninteresting life, working as  a Professor of Cosmic Science at the Prydon Academy – but now, you travel Time and Space in search of adventure!

Your Type 42 TARDIS is currently stuck in disguise as an ornate Victorian-era tomb,  and your latest travelling companion is an overly analytical insurance salesman who keeps getting distracted by paperwork.

Get your own time lord name from the time lord name generator!

Octopus Escape!

Some Of My Favorite Whispers

Personal Observations

◆If you dig yourself a hole, don’t whine when you end up with mud on you.
◇There is only one person, who’s opinion counts. Your’s.
◆Thin people may look good in clothes but fit people look good naked (and feel great healthwise).
◇There are few problems that can’t be forgotten by dancing in the rain, naked.
◆Definition of “mini-vacation”: A good book and a pitcher of sweet-tea.
◇School is NOT the best time of your life, nor is it the most important. It is however the easiest, so relax and enjoy the easy life.
◆Preaching to others does not make you the best __{insert religion}__. Being tolerant and caring of others does make you a great human being, though.
◇Santa Claus may not visit the naughty, but Mrs. Claus does (she’s the one who brings socks and undies).

Around Town 1

Every once-in-awhile something happens that reminds me that not everyone has a psychic in the family.


I was at Canadian Tire “black Friday” (you know that’s a myth started by the bigwig companies, right?) shopping and this little doggy was tide outside in the cold at the enterance (stores really need to let pets inside*). Everyone is just walking by and the dog is just watching them, not making a sound. Until she sees me. Then she started whimpering to get my attention.

“It’ll be okay little one. Mommy will be back soon.” I hunker down next to her,  out of the way of foot traffic, and start petting her. “So what’s your name?” I asked as I pet her.

The name “Kimmy” popped into my head, so since the dog isn’t going to actually answer me, I decide to address her as “Kimmy”.

“It’ll be okay Kimmy. Mommy will be right back.” I continue petting her. Within two minutes Mommy shows up. I apologize for petting her dog and explain how I couldn’tnwalk by such a cutie (especially since she whimpered as I walked by). “Mom” says “That’s more than alright. I’m glade someone was with her. I wish I could take her in with me.”

Not thinking I said “Well see you later Kimmy.”

“Mom” gets a weird look on her face and said “How did you know her name?”

I simply shrugged and said “It just came to me.” I smile. “Have a happy Holiday.” and walked back to my car.
*It’s to hot in the cars/etc. during 60% of the year and to cold the other 40%. It is time stores allowed pets inside with their human parents. Honestly, the canine “children” are no dirtier then human children. By this I mean, both types of kids play in the mud, splash in the puddles, jump in the snow, and etc. Atleast my dog doesn’t have a full diaper (but my neice might). Not to mention, if you’re worried about dog hair or dander, don’t you think that if I have my dog in the car, I already have hair/dander all over me? So let my furry kids in the store for their safety.

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