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Lummus July 31st

Free Spell Day! In honor of Lummus I will be offering one
(1) free spell to anyone who registers by July 30th, 2009. You can
register by signing my guest book* and emailing me your full name and
spell request+.

Ex. NAME         SPELL
Garlic Lover     Remove chronic bad breath

*Please see the left hand column for the guest book

Update AEGIS

Merry Meet All! Just a few updates about AEGIS you may not have seen,
and apologies if you receive this more than once! (These updates are
also in the Facebook Group, and our numerous other hangouts).

Our email address has been corrected, so if you have been trying to reach us, and haven’t had any success, please try again at aegis.sabbat@!

Also, if you are a vendor, and would like to come to this event, please
let us know early! There is no cost associated with a table, however we
are limited in the number of tables we have. We only ask that you honor
our suggested donation of $25 for the weekend festival.
If you, or anyone you know would like to run a workshop or lead a round table discussion, please contact us at aegis.sabbat@ – the more input we have from the surrounding community, the more we will all learn.

If you need to reach us you can also contact one of the Facebook Administrators, or follow links from the following websites: http://www.witchvox .com/vn/vn_ detail/dt_ ev.html?a= cans&id=62540 http://www.facebook .com/event. php?eid=96973237 737 http://www.facebook .com/group. php?gid=23713123 85

Merry Part, Lisa (and the AEGIS planning crew)

Checking out Windows Live Writer

So this is my home town. (Annapolis Royal and Area)

Map picture

More Quizes I took. (I was so bored today)

I’m a Hufflepuff

I Just posted as a WikiAnswer Wanted to Share

If it’s haunted, you’ll know. Lol. But here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you seem to lose important items only to have them reappear later in an area which you had already searched?
2. Do pets such as cats or dogs seem afraid to enter certain areas of the house?
3. Do lights or televisions turn on and off by themselves?
4. Have you heard someone call your name when no one is home?
5. Have you heard footsteps in the house when you are alone?
6. Do you hear odd scratching or knocking sounds coming from within the walls?
7. Have you noticed negative changes in either your attitude or the disposition of other family members where it doesn’t seem to be warranted?
8. Do you sometimes feel as though you are being watched?
9. Do you see movement or even shadows out of the corner of your eye?
10. Have you witnessed doors open and close by themselves?
11. Do certain areas of the home feel unusually cold and seem incapable of warming up or have you experienced strange cold spots that seem centralized to a specific location with no discernable origin?
12. Do children in the home seem to have unhealthy relationships with "imaginary friends?"
13. Have any members of the family used a Ouija board or similar item in the house?
14. Do photographs taken in the home often appear with unexplainable white mists or orbs appearing in them?
15. Have there been any tragic deaths in the house or the grounds upon which it is built?
16. Do you sometimes catch movement out of the corner or your eye?

If you answered more then 5 yes, then you may want to investigate.


Merry Meet;

AEGIS is a chance to come and enjoy a spiritually fulfilling weekend in honor of the Gods and Spirits with the community that serves them at a
place that has served the local community and Pagans from around North
America for well over a decade.

The landowners and the Gardnerian community of Nova Scotia, as the
hosts, would like to extend an invitation to the Pagan community at
large and those associated with it to join us in an enjoyable weekend
set to take place on the second weekend of August in Karsdale, Nova

AEGIS is not associated with any other organization although those who
are members of any other body are welcome. While AEGIS was not intended
to be an annual festival, the success of the event in 2008 has prompted
having the event again, while still striving to keep numbers small.

There is a suggested donation of $25 for adults and $15 for youth aged
12- 18 that will be accepted to defray the cost of this event.

Rituals, workshops and panel discussions will be scheduled for this event details will follow.

If you wish to attend, simply send an email to AEGISabbat-
subscribe@yahoogrou ps. and we’ll add you to the list, which will
provide more details, directions, etc. As well, there will be a
Facebook event created closer to the event date. Questions can be
directed to any one of our moderators or administrators.

We hope to see you all there.

Merry Part and Merry Meet Again,
Lance A. Bohaker (Albion)
HP, Sable Star Coven
FindersKeepers Books
Specializing in Nova Scotia History and Genealogy
URL: finderskeepers
Catalogue available on request

I thought this was worth sharing

Could you be on the road to an Eatting Disorder?

These are part of a much longer article called “What is ‘Normal’ Eating”from the Spark People site.  I’ve highlighted the ones I’m suffering from currently.

  1. Eating (or restricting) food provides immediate relief from unpleasant negative feelings.
  2. Your eating behaviors frequently make you very unhappy.
  3. You weigh (or are afraid to weigh) yourself very frequently, and
    become significantly distressed when you don’t see the results you hope
  4. You frequently avoid eating because you are afraid that you may not be able to stop once you start.
  5. You believe there are “bad” or “forbidden” foods that you shouldn’t eat, and eating them makes you feel guilty or ashamed.
  6. You very strictly count calories and track of everything you
    eat, and feel that going over your limit means you have failed, at
    least for that day.
  7. When you eat a “forbidden” food or go over your calorie limit, you
    often decide to continue overeating, since you have blown it.
  8. You frequently think that people are talking (or thinking) poorly about you because of your weight, even when nothing is said.
  9. You are trying to lose weight because you think it will influence how other people think or feel about you and treat you.
  10. Being at your current weight makes it very hard for you to feel
    good about yourself and you believe that will change when you lose the
  11. The main reason you exercise is to burn calories, and/or offset the calories you have eaten or plan to eat.
  12. You feel like you have to avoid certain foods entirely because you can’t control how much you’ll eat once you start.
  13. You frequently think about food and eating, much more than necessary.
  14. You eat secretly (to avoid embarrassment if others found out about
    it) or keep hidden food stashes that you eat only when you’re alone.
  15. You believe that many of the problems in your life (work,
    relationships, etc) are due to your weight, and will improve once you
    reach a normal weight.
  16. You frequently eat when you aren’t hungry or feel like you can’t stop yourself, but don’t understand why.
  17. Even though your weight is considered healthy or normal, you are not satisfied, and want to keep losing.
  18. You have many rules about what, when, and how much to eat, and
    breaking these rules causes you to feel anxious, guilty, or negative
    about yourself.
  19. You tend to follow your eating and exercise plan for days or
    weeks at a time, but then seem to go on strike, rebelling against your
    own plans.
  20. The closer you get to an intermediate or long term weight goal, the more you seem to engage in self-sabotage.
  21. You sometimes use overeating, food deprivation, or excessive exercise to “punish” yourself.
  22. You spend a great deal of time and energy tracking your
    nutrition, and feel very uncomfortable eating food when you don’t know
    what’s in it.
  23. You sometimes go to extreme measures like using laxatives,
    diuretics, diet pills or supplements, enemas, or other measures to
    achieve weight loss or offset calories you’ve eaten.
  24. You find yourself doing things you know aren’t healthy or advisable
    (skipping meals, over-exercising, eating very few calories) in order to
    make up for going over your calorie limit, or to speed up your weight
  25. You base your food choices primarily on calorie content, rather than nutritional concerns or personal taste.

14/25 for Me.  The more you have, the more likely you can
develop an eating disorder.  Someone with healthy ideas about eating, exercising and weight loss doesn’t indulge in any of the above behavior.  Apparently.  All my friends must be crazy because most of them have at least a few of these, even my thin friends.

Upcoming Stuff

*sigh* Ok, so this loverly wet Nova Scotian weather is driving just
about everyone batty. I can’t remember the last time Tia and I set up
at The Gardens. Please don’t forget, we are still at Dartmouth Alderney
Market each Saturday from 8am-1pm. We’re also considering setting up
there on Sundays, as well. Oh! And look for us at the New Harbourview
Market on Canal Street in Dartmouth! Tia and I will be splitting stock
and setting up at BOTH Markets for THREE WEEKENDS – July 25/26, August
1/2 and August 8/9.

In the meantime, don’t forget we do have stock in some HRM stores.
Sarah’s Spiritual Treasures on Sackville Drive carries circlets, Tarot
bags and Pendulum Answer Boxes. Little Mysteries on Barrington Street
carries circlets, as well. And Morrigan LeFay’s Mystical Gifts on
Alderney Drive carries pendulums, hair sticks and has a few circlets.
These are all great stores! You should check them out (of you haven’t

http://www.outofthe broomcloset. ca