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Protest Signs I Agree With

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Clever Ads

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Art High-quality Photo Image Picture Wallpaper – Chose the one you like!


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You Will Receive:

1 x High-quality photo

Unsigned By Artist


Photo Taken: 2001-Now

Photo Type: Snapshot

Region of Origin: Nova Scotia, Canada

You will receive the maximum quality for the chosen photo, with out the watermark.

I am the copyright owner of this picture

(I took the photos  myself, with my own camera, on my own property/land).

I am selling the photos for personal use only

  (so NO you may not resell it).


Payments via PayPal .

Prompt payment is greatly appreciated.


Shipping Options

1. – Free Standard Shipping (digital shipping)


2. I can send photos to your shipping address via regular mail. Shipping cost $5 world wide.

Important: I will send your picture to your paypal shipping address!




Returns will not be accepted. If the wrong image is received, please contact me and I will fix immediately.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Best Pregnancy Video EVER!

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Long Version

All life is precious.

Show Some Respect


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Just Because III

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Easter Island Heads Have Bodies?

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