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Mystery man who gave out free money in Halifax reportedly detained in hospital

HALIFAX (Metro News) — The daughter of a mystery man who was handing out cash across HRM last week said her father has been arrested and taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown to be assessed for mental-health issues.

On Sunday evening, Chelsey Wright posted a photo of her father, Richard Wright, on Facebook to call attention to what she says has been “unfair” treatment by the hospital and RCMP.

She said Wright was driving home to Charlottetown from Halifax on Thursday after sharing “some extra money” with people in HRM when he was arrested and taken to the hospital where he has been forced to take medication and was not informed of his rights by police.

“He did nothing illegal, he was simply helping some people out. Since when did being a nice person make you end up in the hospital? They think he is sick and has mental issues ,,, but I know he does not,” she wrote.

Since reported that June Bond receiving two $50 bills from Wright last Tuesday, dozens of people in Dartmouth and Halifax have reported seeing the same man passing out money, telling them to “thank God” and pass the money along if they didn’t need it.

Jennifer Corbett received $150 money from Wright last week, and said his positive comments about how “things will get better” stuck with her more than the money.

Corbett said she was “pretty excited” when she saw the photo of Wright on Facebook because she never thought she would see him again.

“He’s a really good man. I don’t think he’s crazy,” Corbett said Monday morning.

“I don’t think it’s fair that this happened. I mean do you think that people are going to want to do good after this?”

She said she called Wright in the hospital on Sunday night to thank him and “give him back a little bit of what he gave me,” but he still sounded in good spirits.

A Facebook group about the situation involving the man was started on Monday morning titled #OpFreeRichardWright. It had more than 200 likes within an hour of being posted.

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