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Every once-in-awhile something happens that reminds me that not everyone has a psychic in the family.


I was at Canadian Tire “black Friday” (you know that’s a myth started by the bigwig companies, right?) shopping and this little doggy was tide outside in the cold at the enterance (stores really need to let pets inside*). Everyone is just walking by and the dog is just watching them, not making a sound. Until she sees me. Then she started whimpering to get my attention.

“It’ll be okay little one. Mommy will be back soon.” I hunker down next to her,  out of the way of foot traffic, and start petting her. “So what’s your name?” I asked as I pet her.

The name “Kimmy” popped into my head, so since the dog isn’t going to actually answer me, I decide to address her as “Kimmy”.

“It’ll be okay Kimmy. Mommy will be right back.” I continue petting her. Within two minutes Mommy shows up. I apologize for petting her dog and explain how I couldn’tnwalk by such a cutie (especially since she whimpered as I walked by). “Mom” says “That’s more than alright. I’m glade someone was with her. I wish I could take her in with me.”

Not thinking I said “Well see you later Kimmy.”

“Mom” gets a weird look on her face and said “How did you know her name?”

I simply shrugged and said “It just came to me.” I smile. “Have a happy Holiday.” and walked back to my car.
*It’s to hot in the cars/etc. during 60% of the year and to cold the other 40%. It is time stores allowed pets inside with their human parents. Honestly, the canine “children” are no dirtier then human children. By this I mean, both types of kids play in the mud, splash in the puddles, jump in the snow, and etc. Atleast my dog doesn’t have a full diaper (but my neice might). Not to mention, if you’re worried about dog hair or dander, don’t you think that if I have my dog in the car, I already have hair/dander all over me? So let my furry kids in the store for their safety.

December Holy Days

“I love the Holy days, I’m a Pagan and I love the Holy days.”

Kirk Cameron is at it again. The actor likened the association of Christmas being an evil pagan practice to Chinese food being evil because it represents the eastern philosophy of Ying and Yang.

“Some people would say well the pagans did that. They cut down a tree and dance around it and decorate it with all kinds of stuff as a pagan ritual, Again just like Chinese food I can say… ‘who cares what the pagans did with a tree’? Look what they did with noodles, look what they do with music and art.”

Cameron undoubtedly maintains that everything involved with the Christmas celebration is paying homage to the birth of Jesus, Santa Claus, the carols, and the tree. “They can steal God’s things and twist them as much as they want but that doesn’t change what Christmas is about,” he declared.

Well Mr. Cameron, it’s hard to steal something that was given to us by God. Not to mention if it belongs to quote YOUR god, end quote, it belongs to out gods too, because they are the same god.

The father of six goes on to say “It’s not sinful to have a Christmas tree. While Christmas trees are not in the Bible per-say you do find God making trees, you find God filling trees with fruit in the book of Genesis.”

Regardless of the historical facts Cameron assures that using a Christmas tree to celebrate faith started in the bible.

“When Abraham received the promise of his son at the oaks of mamre,” he noted, “Cedars of Lebanon are highlighted in Scripture and Jesus was crucified on a tree and we always say nothing but the blood of Jesus. Where do we find it? At the base of the cross. Gift giving, tree decorating, and singing songs are all things that are ultimately based and rooted in the scriptures.”

The argument of the Bible scriptures found in Jeremiah 10 against adorning trees in your homes like pagans do, the actor says does not apply to Christmas trees. “How can that be a Christmas tree when Christ hadn’t even come yet?”

Excactly. How can it be a christmas tree if christ wasnt born yet. So you admit that the shop called Christmas tree pre-dates your Christmas celebrations. So the go you did not originate the idea.

He goes on to asked, “These are pagan cultures who decorate trees that way but remember they also decorate stone figures that way. They made golden calves and danced around those, does that mean you and I shouldn’t eat a hamburger? Does that mean that you and I shouldn’t have Chinese food or that we shouldn’t have babies because they perverted children and used them in sacrificial worship services?”

“No…,” he answered his own question, then proceeded to explain his position, “What God is saying there, don’t celebrate the false Gods and join in the pagan rituals of the pagans, but that’s not what we’re doing. We’re taking trees that God made and we’re bringing them in to our celebration of Christ.”

The very passionate star said “the pagans don’t get to say that they own anything, ultimately they have to steal Gods things before they can claim ownership to it.”

Ditto Mr. Cameron, Ditto.

You can’t claim to own Christmas, you can’t claim that a Christmas tree is your thing. Just as you claim we stole it from God, you too must have stolen it. Especially since you admitted that are celebrations predate your celebrations. so who’s the thief? Not us sir, not us.

The film ‘Saving Christmas’ is Cameron’s way of saving the holiday for the Christian skeptics. The film features Cameron and his brother-in-law who oppose the traditions of the holiday.

I’ll repeat that.

Cameron and his brother in law who oppose the traditions of the holiday.

So if they’re opposed to the traditions of the holiday why is he fighting over who owns the right to call it “their” tree. Whether Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush, Yule tree or whatever.

He says they simply want to celebrate the savior’s birth without the distractions of everything else. Cameron says he was “ruining Christmas for his wife, he’s scrooge, he simply was listening to the wrong people,” he asserted, “his intentions were good because he wants it to be about Jesus but he was just looking at it wrong so I had to come help him out, that’s all.”

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