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Post Secret CXX

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I didn’t love him the day we got married, I should have trusted my gut and made a run for Mexico.

Yeah, to become a SPIRITUALIST not an other christan dictator.

I steal Nicorette because $40 for a quite smoking aid is fucking nuts. The smokes are cheaper!

Take responsiblility for your own damned orgasm and stop whining about what you are missing.

I feel in charge when I purge…

Confront your friend, she’s probably hoping you will.

I wish my mother had cared when she caught me vomiting when I was 13… Twenty years later and she still doesn’t give a shit.

Amen Sister!

Pagan Humor LXXVII

You Know Someone Is New To Magick and Paganism When They Think That…

  • An ATHAME is the gas you use for your grill.
  • ASTRAL PROJECTION is a home-made movie viewer.
  • A CENSOR is a drink you mix with alcohol.
  • A SYMPATHITIC LINK is when you feel sorry because your chain broke.
  • WICCA is that part of the candle that burns.
  • APHRODITE is a prehistoric bird.
  • ARCHETYPES is a kind of building structure.
  • BLESSED BE is the god of insects.
  • A BOOK OF SHADOWS contains silhouettes of friends or family members.
  • A BRAZIER is support wear for women.
  • CASTING is done with a fishing line, or on a set in Hollywood.
  • CHARGING is done with a credit card or battery.
  • The only way to get into a CIRCLE is to have the right of way.
  • CRYSTAL CLEANSING is done with window cleaner.
  • CYCLES have to do with your washing machine and when to add fabric softener.
  • DEMETER is where you put your quarter when you park downtown.
  • A DOLMAN is a new brand of banana.
  • HANDFASTING is eating without utensils.
  • LEY LINES happen at the airport in Hawaii.
  • PAN is something you fry food in.
  • A QUARTER is 25 cents and still buys a cup of coffee. (Note: This person is not only new to magick, but they also haven’t been out in a while!)
  • SKYCLAD is a shade of blue clothing.
  • A TRAD is a type of geometrical figure.
  • WHEEL OF FORTUNE is the game show with Vanna White.

Post Secret CXIX

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That’s a great attitude… More woman need to understand that just because something/someone touches them down there it does not take your virginity unless you willing gave it to them. Virginity is a state of mind, not a physical condition.

2nd Trimester “miscarriage”
Good for you!
No child should have to be sentenced to a life of disability AND neither should any parent.

Letter Writter
I should have been like my cousine and pretended to like my abusive parents… now she’s getting everything and I’m getting nothing. There own child and I get nothing because I didn’t backstab them, steal from them and make up lies about my cousine (unlike my cousine who did it all).

I lost the ability to orgasm… It’s like riding a rollercoaster and going up the hill, up the hill, up, up, up and then just as you are about to rush down the giant hill, the ride stops and you are magically back at the start of the ride, so you go up, up, up…. Never completing the thrill ride. No I take St. John’s Wart and am MULTI-orgasmic.


I find this secret to be incredibly destructive. I know it’s therapeutic for the secret-teller to share, but I feel like it may be justification to someone who might rape someone, that it {rape} would be something that the victim doesn’t know that they want. I know most of your readers are likely not rapists but since sexual abuse and assault happens to 1/6 women in America I feel like we need all the help we can get. Thanks!


Just because the victims body shows a pleasure response doesn’t mean it was a pleasure to experience  In times of great stress the body can respond with pleasure responses in order to help the experience be less traumatic. Besides, if someone is stupid enough to think “its okay to rape someone because she/he might orgasm” they were probably stupid enough to rape someone before reading this secret.

Valentine’s Day

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All life is precious.

Pagan Humor LXXVI

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Calorie Counter Goal Ticker.

Book Club Month #12

Wow a whole year already of Moygo’s Book of The Month and this month’s book is: The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

March’s book of the month will be: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy By Douglas Adams

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