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Honestly, what can I say? The amount of new followers to my “blog” is staggering. I couldn’t be happier that I am getting numerous new followers each day!… In fact there are so many new followers I am beginning to wonder how many of them are “bots”. So I suppose I shall address those whom are not infact some sort of malicious attack bots. So with no furthure adu…

It’s nice to “meet” you.
Can I get you anything? A drink perhaps?
No? Well Ok.

But in all seriousness, what topics would you (non-bots) like to see me disscuss on this blog?

While I wait for the emails to roll in I shall answer the most frequently asked question that I have gotten in the past, and forgive me if it has previously been discussed within the archives of this page.

How I became a witch:

This is not an easy question to answer. More accurately it is not an easy answer.

First off let’s set aside any spiritual or religious affiliations between my beliefs and being a witch. I tried different Christian faiths growing up and feel to some extent they were pushed upon me by my parents, in my heart I now know I was born pagan. The way I interpreted religious texts always had a pagan undertone, and when I finally came out of the broom closet as a pagan in my mid-twenties my family actually said “why’d it take you so long to realize?” and “I know you are.” Through my studies I had tried casting spells, doing readings, attempting spiritual communication, and a whole host of other “witchy” activities, but was still trying to be a good little christian girl. It wasn’t until I found out I wasn’t alone in how I felt “God” worked, how the afterlife worked, how the world worked, that I realized I had never been a christian. I was Pagan! All those questions I had asked of my church leaders -those questions they couldn’t answer- had come from my not being christian at heart, but instead knowing the truth deepdown all along. So I believe I was born a pagan (it just took me a while to accept it myself). But being a witch does not necessarily have anything to do with your spiritual or religious affiliations. You can be any religion and still be a witch. I just happen to be a Pagan Witch.

As I said, I now feel that I was born a witch. I sensed ghosts, had premonitions, could cause things to happen (wished for something and it would) and other witchy things from a very young age. My earliest memory of these “gifts” was at age two and a half years. I believe it to be my first preminition. I was at a parade and the Hostess Munchies were there (based on that I’m sure you’ve figured out how ancient I am). They weren’t doing anything other then waving to the crowd at this point -as it had been a very long walk from one end of town to the other (where I was). Suddenly this thought just popped into my mind, “The blue one is going to come shake my hand!” Thirty seconds later the blue Munchie was shaking my very surprised little hand!

Now I have to point out two things: 1. I had not seen them approach anyone else in the intire stadium and 2. I was 2 years old, no one had ever shaken my hand before as I was just a child and not worthy of that type of respectful greeting (again, I come from an earlier time). So even as an adult I would never have reason to think that of all the people and especially children in that stadium I would have been approuched. So preminition?

My sister also has some of these gifts. Her’s manifests most in electro-interference. When she gets upset light bulbs will blow up around her, electronic devices will malfunction and even blow up. My father saw ghosts, both his parents did  well (WWII soilders have good reason to have seen them), my grandfather also had several unusual premenitions in him time fighting (but this could have been a ghost watcing over him).

Having said that, others would say I did not become a witch until I was 20 years of age, for that is when I began studying every witchcraft book I could find (I highly recommend books by Raymond Buckland). But I also studied books by people calling themselves Raven New-Moon and Sarah Silver-Broomstick and other such names. I’ve personally found the “witchier” sounding the name the less they actually know about witchcraft. I’m sure there are exceptions to that observation but they are few and far between. (Seriously, what respectable witch would claim to ride their vaccum around the fullmoon every Halloween?)

After studying for a year and a day, I was initiated into the Pagan faith via what most people would call a baptism. But as I mentioned before my religious affiliation really doesn’t define me as a witch, but only as a pagan. I personally believe, I became a witch the day I began sharing my premonitions, readings, spells, ect. with clients. By that I mean, there was now a distinct line between my religious affiliations with spells and readings and etc. and with performing witchcraft for others. I am not a witch because I do spells, I am a witch because I do spells for others. At least that’s how I define it.

However -and this is the great thing about being a pagan, wiccan or witch- you probably have your own definition of what a witch is, nd  ld love to hear about it.

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In response to the teacher who cannot find magic in his or her classroom:
Your role is not to be the magician. Your role is to be the believer.
The magic will reveal itself (it is most often locked inside your students).

December Holy Days

“I love the Holy days, I’m a Pagan and I love the Holy days.”

Kirk Cameron is at it again. The actor likened the association of Christmas being an evil pagan practice to Chinese food being evil because it represents the eastern philosophy of Ying and Yang.

“Some people would say well the pagans did that. They cut down a tree and dance around it and decorate it with all kinds of stuff as a pagan ritual, Again just like Chinese food I can say… ‘who cares what the pagans did with a tree’? Look what they did with noodles, look what they do with music and art.”

Cameron undoubtedly maintains that everything involved with the Christmas celebration is paying homage to the birth of Jesus, Santa Claus, the carols, and the tree. “They can steal God’s things and twist them as much as they want but that doesn’t change what Christmas is about,” he declared.

Well Mr. Cameron, it’s hard to steal something that was given to us by God. Not to mention if it belongs to quote YOUR god, end quote, it belongs to out gods too, because they are the same god.

The father of six goes on to say “It’s not sinful to have a Christmas tree. While Christmas trees are not in the Bible per-say you do find God making trees, you find God filling trees with fruit in the book of Genesis.”

Regardless of the historical facts Cameron assures that using a Christmas tree to celebrate faith started in the bible.

“When Abraham received the promise of his son at the oaks of mamre,” he noted, “Cedars of Lebanon are highlighted in Scripture and Jesus was crucified on a tree and we always say nothing but the blood of Jesus. Where do we find it? At the base of the cross. Gift giving, tree decorating, and singing songs are all things that are ultimately based and rooted in the scriptures.”

The argument of the Bible scriptures found in Jeremiah 10 against adorning trees in your homes like pagans do, the actor says does not apply to Christmas trees. “How can that be a Christmas tree when Christ hadn’t even come yet?”

Excactly. How can it be a christmas tree if christ wasnt born yet. So you admit that the shop called Christmas tree pre-dates your Christmas celebrations. So the go you did not originate the idea.

He goes on to asked, “These are pagan cultures who decorate trees that way but remember they also decorate stone figures that way. They made golden calves and danced around those, does that mean you and I shouldn’t eat a hamburger? Does that mean that you and I shouldn’t have Chinese food or that we shouldn’t have babies because they perverted children and used them in sacrificial worship services?”

“No…,” he answered his own question, then proceeded to explain his position, “What God is saying there, don’t celebrate the false Gods and join in the pagan rituals of the pagans, but that’s not what we’re doing. We’re taking trees that God made and we’re bringing them in to our celebration of Christ.”

The very passionate star said “the pagans don’t get to say that they own anything, ultimately they have to steal Gods things before they can claim ownership to it.”

Ditto Mr. Cameron, Ditto.

You can’t claim to own Christmas, you can’t claim that a Christmas tree is your thing. Just as you claim we stole it from God, you too must have stolen it. Especially since you admitted that are celebrations predate your celebrations. so who’s the thief? Not us sir, not us.

The film ‘Saving Christmas’ is Cameron’s way of saving the holiday for the Christian skeptics. The film features Cameron and his brother-in-law who oppose the traditions of the holiday.

I’ll repeat that.

Cameron and his brother in law who oppose the traditions of the holiday.

So if they’re opposed to the traditions of the holiday why is he fighting over who owns the right to call it “their” tree. Whether Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush, Yule tree or whatever.

He says they simply want to celebrate the savior’s birth without the distractions of everything else. Cameron says he was “ruining Christmas for his wife, he’s scrooge, he simply was listening to the wrong people,” he asserted, “his intentions were good because he wants it to be about Jesus but he was just looking at it wrong so I had to come help him out, that’s all.”

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