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Some Of My Favorite Whispers

Advice to be taken with a grain of salt.

Non-believers cite that supposed psychics often use very narrow or leading questions, while at the same time they tell the person, “Now don’t tell me any details.”

For example: You hire a reader to find your Uncle George who disappeared 5 years ago. They say, “Don’t tell me anything!” But start the “reading” by saying “I see a ring (pause)…. a wedding ring… a man’s wedding ring…. does that mean anything to you?”

You respond, “No, Uncle George was never married…I don’t know anything about a ring.”

Well, the “psychic” just learned a fact (remember, they asked you not to tell them anything)– they learned Uncle George was unmarried.

Now, if they wanted to fool you, they could take “the ring” story and go further until they get you to say yes to some “fact”.

For example, they could say, “Yes, I KNEW Uncle George was unmarried, but this ring… I see it very clearly, a man’s ring… or maybe a woman had bigger fingers… but there IS a ring….” And you blurt out, “Well, George’s dad had a big ring—”

“Yes!” They interrupt, “yes, the ring is clear, it was… kind of a dark band, maybe it was dirty? (You shake your head no, giving them an “answer” without even thinking.) “Oh, no, maybe…maybe it was gold (you start nodding) with something dark in it, or on it….” You pipe in with “Well George’s dad liked to garden; maybe that’s why it’s dirty.” IF someone was pretending to be psychic, you just gave them a good explanation of the image they claimed to see.

However, believers and people who claim to be true psychics say that a “real” psychic would never, ever play those kinds of games; they claim they don’t have to because their own abilities are real. “True psychics” will distance themselves from the false tactics that pretenders use. “True psychics” often make a point to not be given any information also, and do a “cold reading” meaning without a photo, with no information, with no direction.

Police departments tend to believe the “cold readings” more. However, critics point out that the best police detectives *have* slipped and offered a bit of information, when answering another question. This is common human behavior. It is very difficult to ONLY answer “yes” or “no”. People tend to go on with an explanation. “Yes. The victim was last seen here. (Here is where they should stop but they go on and say…) The victim’s boyfriend helped her put on her jacket (what, not a coat?) and walked her to her car outside the bar (could have been another business but now the psychic doesn’t have to guess… she was at a bar, wore a jacket, last seen by boyfriend). A con artist could use that information to keep the ruse going.

If you pay someone for a “reading”, give NO information. If you want to cut to the chase and find out for sure if they are being false, tell the person wrong details and see if the “psychic” uses that false info as if it is fact or if they recognize it was a lie. As in all interpersonal communications, you should expect indignation about being “lied to”. But if the person truly has a gift, if the person is a psychic, wouldn’t they know it was a lie? And if they are a true psychic, wouldn’t they, more than anyone, understand if there’s skepticism?
_____________________________________________________________________Being skeptical is okay.
Being careful about what details you share with a “reader” is okay.
Assuming that every question is designed to nefariously get information out of you, is not okay.
Assuming that every reader who asks questions is a con artist, it’s not okay.
Answering with only “yes or no” (or worse: grunting, nodding or likewise) is rude, and will result in you irritating the reader which will negatively influence your reading accuracy.
Lying to a reader, is not only rude, it is very disrespectful. Would you lie to your doctor to test him and see how accurate his reading of your physical condition is? Don’t do it to someone who’s reading your spiritual condition.
No, we usually can’t tell when someone is lying to us. This is because we TRUST our clients to be honest an open and NOT CON US.
Finally yes, we understand that you may be skeptical, but that doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful, dishonest, and down right rude.