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Around Town 1

Every once-in-awhile something happens that reminds me that not everyone has a psychic in the family.


I was at Canadian Tire “black Friday” (you know that’s a myth started by the bigwig companies, right?) shopping and this little doggy was tide outside in the cold at the enterance (stores really need to let pets inside*). Everyone is just walking by and the dog is just watching them, not making a sound. Until she sees me. Then she started whimpering to get my attention.

“It’ll be okay little one. Mommy will be back soon.” I hunker down next to her,  out of the way of foot traffic, and start petting her. “So what’s your name?” I asked as I pet her.

The name “Kimmy” popped into my head, so since the dog isn’t going to actually answer me, I decide to address her as “Kimmy”.

“It’ll be okay Kimmy. Mommy will be right back.” I continue petting her. Within two minutes Mommy shows up. I apologize for petting her dog and explain how I couldn’tnwalk by such a cutie (especially since she whimpered as I walked by). “Mom” says “That’s more than alright. I’m glade someone was with her. I wish I could take her in with me.”

Not thinking I said “Well see you later Kimmy.”

“Mom” gets a weird look on her face and said “How did you know her name?”

I simply shrugged and said “It just came to me.” I smile. “Have a happy Holiday.” and walked back to my car.
*It’s to hot in the cars/etc. during 60% of the year and to cold the other 40%. It is time stores allowed pets inside with their human parents. Honestly, the canine “children” are no dirtier then human children. By this I mean, both types of kids play in the mud, splash in the puddles, jump in the snow, and etc. Atleast my dog doesn’t have a full diaper (but my neice might). Not to mention, if you’re worried about dog hair or dander, don’t you think that if I have my dog in the car, I already have hair/dander all over me? So let my furry kids in the store for their safety.