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Post Secret CXXXXIII

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Dear Not Beaten Sibling

Probably. I know I hate my sister because she was never beaten and I was.

To Miss E.D.
I only stopped my E.D. because I lost multiple teeth. Each time my teeth get fixed, I relapse until I get tooth aches again. I have an IQ higher then Albert Einstein and yet I am not smart enough to stop my E.D. behaviors.

To 4th Pregnancy Lady
Maybe you should take his advice. There must be a reason he gave you the advice. Are you financially stable enough for an other child? Do you have health issues that will worsen? Think about it. Could there be a reason?

Dear Double Gay Wedding
This makes me happier and more excited then any strait wedding I have heard about in the last twenty years. At least you are marrying for love and not just for the guilt free sex.

Married Rape is Still RAPE.

To Miss Snowflake
Me Too!