Don Quijote 7

So now that Don Quijote has seen Dulcinea he beleives she is under a spell because she is not beautiful. However, a wizard tells him that the cure to this curse or ugliness is through Sancho who must whip his behind “bared to the passing breeze” 3,300 times to undo the magic. Sancho queries, “What the hell has my ass got to do with magic?”

Sancho quite clearly states that he is not going to flagellate his buttocks for Dulcinea. Don Quijote, says Sancho better or Don Quijote will whip him himself and he’ll double the number. This wizard explains that this must be a voluntary sacrifice or it won’t work, though if Sancho tires of whipping himself after the first 1,650, he can ask for someone else to help. Also, there is no expiration date on this offer — the squire may take his time meeting the quota. In spite of these generous terms, Sancho says no to being a sacrificial lamb.

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