Don Quijote 4

The wronged barber, secure in the knowledge that he is in the right, asks those assembled around him if they believe his basin to be a basin.  The barber from La Mancha, who wants to extend the fun, admits that he too is a barber, but has also been a soldier and as far as he is concerned it is a helmet.  The wronged barber is flabbergasted. He tells them that if the basin is a helmet, then the saddlebag must be a fancy harness.

Don Quijote, who only cares about his helmet, says he thinks it’s a saddlebag but he is not going to meddle. The priest insists that Don Quijote is the expert on these and all knightly matters and he must decide. They decide to take a vote:

“So you’ll simply have to resign yourself — you, and your ass, too — to the sad fact that this is indeed a decorative harness and not a saddlebag, and your case has been singularly badly argued and substantiated.”

So at this point the majority of the guests at the inn are acting just as insane as Don Quijote.

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