Gone With The Wind 12

While Scarlet is recooping in Tara, Rhett convinces Melanie to convice Ashley to buy the mill from Scarlet. He does so but Scarlet is peeved at his desire to fire the convicts.

Scarlett’s loss of control is nothing in comparison of Rhett’s loss of control over his daughter. Bonnie is becoming increasingly spoiled, and Rhett does nothing to curb this. For example she likes to ride, so he buys her a little Shetland pony and teaches her to jump obstacles. Then one day Bonnie asks Rhett for a higher bar, and he gives it to her. Bonnie calls out to Scarlett to “watch me take this one!” Memories of her father uttering the same words back in the day, Scarlett cries out for Bonnie to stop, but it is too late. The pony misses the jump, throwing Bonnie to her death.

Rhett is so distraught that he locks himself in his room with the dead child, refusing to bury her because of her fear of the dark. Melanie hurries to Rhett’s side. She persuades him to let Bonnie’s funeral go forward and sits up all night with Bonnie’s body as Rhett sleeps.


Weeks after the funeral, Scarlett is afraid and lonely and wishing Rhett would comfort her, but he is always drunk, hostile, and bitter. Scarlett longs to tell him that she does not blame him for Bonnie’s death.

Eventually while Scarlett is in Marietta, Georgia, she receives an urgent telegram from Rhett saying that Melanie is dying. Scarlett rushes home to find Melanie on her deathbed. Although Melanie was told to never have more children because of her frailty, she got pregnant and had a miscarriage, and the effort has doomed her. Suddenly realizing how much strength she has gotten from Melanie over the years and how much she has wronged Melanie, Scarlett feels an overwhelming sense of loss. At Melanie’s bedside, Scarlett promises to look after Ashley and Beau. Scarlett needs Ashley for strength, but when she sees him broken and weak, she realizes that she must have loved a fantasy that she created, not the man.

Scarlett goes outside to clear her head. Walking through a thick mist, she realizes with terror that her surroundings match those of her recurring nightmare (in which she runs through a fog looking for something, not knowing what she hopes to find). But suddenly she realizes that she wants to find Rhett. She now understands that she loves him and that he has loved her all along. No longer afraid and sad, she runs joyfully home to him.

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