Gone With The Wind 11

Surprise, suprise Scarlett is caught in Ashley’s arms at the mill. They were reminissing as a stale tactic of Scarlet’s to keep Ashley away from his surprise party. Rhett is jelous “suduces” Scarlett that night at their home, then promply disappears for several days (he went to the whore house). Men!

Rhett says he is taking Bonnie away for a while and they are gone for three months. While he is away Scarlett misses him deeply and she discovers she is pregnant again. Surprisingly for once the news of pregnancy makes her happy. Rhett mocks Scarlett (He says, “Cheer up, maybe you’ll have a miscarriage.”) Enraged, Scarlett takes a swing at him. Rhett dodges the blow and Scarlett falls down a long staircase. As a result she loses the baby and nearly dies herself. Melanie stays by her side nursing her back to health. Rhett, torn with his guilt tells Melanie that he loves Scarlett and fears that he has killed her with his crazed jealousy.

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