Gone With The Wind 10

Rhett proposes to Scarlett and they have a quicky wedding and honey in New Orleans. Atlanta is full of gossip regarding their wedding. This is not only because Rhett is an outcast but Scarlett is now also, for her part in the KKK’s action upon the two men who attact her that night. The women of Atlanta see her as having indangered not only her own husband (and getting him killed) but other husband’s as well.

So Scarlett turns her back on these woman and turns towards Yankees in high society even more.


Scarlett discovers that she is pregnant. She wants to terminate the pregnancy, but Rhett refuses to allow Scarlett to risk her life (he once saw a woman die while aborting her baby). Scarlett has a little girl and everyone is surpised to find Rhett is a real softy when it comes to his child. They name the baby Eugenie Victoria, but when the baby’s eyes are blue like the bonnie blue Confederate flag, the baby’s nickname becomes Bonnie Blue Butler.

Scarlett visits the mill and Ashley indicates that he is jealous of Rhett. Thrilled that Ashley still loves her, Scarlett decides to tell Rhett that she wants separate bedrooms. Rhett tells her that he will look elsewhere for female companionship. After he leaves, Scarlett cries while thinking she will miss waking in his arms after a nightmare and long conversations before sleep.

Rhett decides that Bonnie must not because he and Scarlett have fallen from society’s grace. He begins a campaign to regain good favor in the eyes of the old Southern matrons. Eventually, Old Atlanta comes around and embraces Rhett and Bonnie, though not Scarlett.

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