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Gone With The Wind 6

In Chapter eighteen we see the devistation that is war. We hear news that Ashley’s father has died, a shell fell on him and his horse. Chapter twenty brings news that Scarlett’s mother and both sisters have typhoid fever.


Finally in Chapter twenty-two Melanie gives birth to a boy. Scarlett and the other women escape Atlanta but Rhett’s wagan and horse are stolen and after getting an other horse and wagon he leaves the women to fend for themselves. Scarlette manages to make it to her family’s plantation to find that her mother died from the fever the day before and her sisters are still ill with it. Her father has lost his mind with greif at the loss of his wife.

Meanwhile the servents wont do any work because they “is house workers”. I think that between whiney Prissy and the house workers refusing to work (not to mention the laziness of her sisters), if I was Scarlett someone would have got their asses kicked (verbally). I can not stand people who do not pull their own weight. If you are able bodied and work needs doing, you do it. You don’t whine about it, you just do it!


Finally news arrives that the war is over, Ashley is alive and walking home from Illinoise. Scarlett is still obsessed with Ashley. She even begs him to run away with her at one point when he says he can’t face the reality of the situation (the South in ruin after the war, etc.) He refuses her and she vows to never through herself at him again. (Yeah right, that will last a few pages at most, lol). I feel scarlet hasn’t really changed she just now gives free reign to the tendencies once considered shamefully unladylike.