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Gone With The Wind 4

I’m on chapter six and I still think Scarlett is a dirty ho. Sorry to all you Scarlett simpathizors but that girl is a ho! She dresses to attract attention, gets turned on by it, ignores those who are drooling over her for those who are not. She’s all about stealing other womens’ men away for herself.


So Scarlett marries a man who was dating an other woman at the time he proposed to Scarlett. When do they marry? One day before the wedding of Ashley and his wife. Even on her wedding day Scarlett is still trying to mess with an other woman’s man. Karma kicks butt though because Scarlett’s husband dies of measles only two months later. Scarlett has a son and names him Wade after her husband’s commanding Officer (Civil War). She however is still a spoiled brat who decides that since she is bored with motherhood will go to stay with her aunt in Atlanta.


Then Karma disapoints because Scarlett is now rich due to inheriting her husband’s money. The only good thing is that Scarlett has to volunteer in a soiler’s hospital. She hates it because the men are sweaty and stink of gangrene. This bitch actually throws her wedding ring into a collection plate because she is still pissed she married Charles and didn’t get to steal Ashley away from his girlfriend. Serioulsy someone has to drop a house on this woman.