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Gone With The Wind 3

I know that this book is from a different era but still! The man owns the property but the woman runs/manages it. However, the man takes credit for managing the property. His woman then“praises his cleverness.” Owning property gives men rights and power, but they do not share the reward that only results from the women’s hard work. Women have all the work and responsibility but enjoy the rewards that men decide to grant them. Men expect women to suppress their needs and desires and focus attention on the men. Women are not even allowed to take credit for their own intelligence, bravery, and strength.

Pagan Humor LXX

You May Be a Yuppie Pagan If… (2)

  1. Jet-lag is a common excuse for being late to coven.
  2. Perrier is the only water you will tolerate in the West.
  3. You initiate your lawyer, insurance agent, and cardiologist just to be on the safe side.
  4. Ritual was canceled because the CD player is in the shop.
  5. You never do a healing ritual for your car.
  6. You have a cute little alligator sewn on the breast pocket of your ritual robe.
  7. Perfect love and perfect trust in your coven oath are annotated with footnotes and conditions.
  8. You have a notarized pre-handfasting agreement.
  9. Your first degree initiation had valet parking.
  10. Spilled wax really matters to you.
  11. You have a Ginsu athame.
  12. Cakes and wine for a dozen sets you back $139.
  13. Your coven is known in the community as “The Rich Corinthians.”
  14. You view drawing-down as being the Account Executive to the Gods.
  15. You worry that it would be inappropriate to do Yule at your summer house.