Little Women 9

“Twins, by Jupiter!” was all he said for a minute, then turning to the women with an appealing look that was comically piteous, he added, “Take ’em quick, somebody! I’m going to laugh, and I shall drop ’em”

Yeah I’d be a little surprised myself.


I still hope to Jo and Laury end up together. The following pages hint that his desires lay in Jo and not Beth but this book flip flops so much I have no clue as to the true outcome of Laury and his love for Jo.

Of coarse Mr. Marsh is not helping any: “Because, dear, I don’t think you suited to one another. As friends you are very happy, and your frequent quarrels soon blow over, but I fear you would both rebel if you were mated for life. You are to much alike and too fond of freedom, not to mention hot tempters and strong wills, to get on happily together, in a relation which needs infinite patience and forbearance, as well as love.”

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