Pagan Humor LXIX

Things Men Over 30 Should Never Do

  1. Wear more then one article of clothing per outfit with a team logo on it.
  2. Skateboard
  3. Live with his parents, unless caring for them in their autumn years. Or he requires house arrest.
  4. Require house arrest.
  5. Name anything after “Lord of The Rings” characters.
  6. Leave 0.2 ml of milk in the jug and put it back in the fridge (this is the only time when drinking from the jug is acceptable).
  7. Wear anything with Velcro (unless medically necessary).
  8. Binge drink.
  9. Antagonize zoo animals, or “tip” farm animals.
  10. Rely on someone else to feed, clothe or bandage him.

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