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I’m a single mom. My son, who is 4 loves to draw me and himself in pictures.
I’ve been with this wonderful guy for almost a year now. My son came home last
week with a bunch of pictures with not two, but three stick people in them. I
told my boyfriend jokingly “you can’t go anywhere now. My kid says you’re part
of the family.”
Today he started talking about marriage. Totally MMD!!!

Drafting in a contract that the annual leave of the employee is 28 days per each
calendar month will result in very well-rested employees. Or at least the rage of
your client, the employer. #LFMF

I’ve been having a pretty bad streak with the ladies in life. So, as a joke, my
friend dared me to take a post it note, put my name, number and “call me” on it,
then talk to a cute girl in lecture and at the end of the conversation overtly put
the postit on her notebook. None of us thought it would work. She just called.
We have a date Sunday. ThatAs I was waiting for my friend this morning, a 7
year old boy ran in front of me wearing a Batman cape and mask. Then I heard
his mum shouting at him to not run, and the kid yelled “Batman ALWAYS runs!”
and legged it away across the car park – TMMD :3

Don’t show your 16 year old sister the Twilight drinking game. She and her
friends will play it. They will all vomit all over the den floor and then pass out.
When your mom finds out that you introduced them to it, you will be cleaning
up. #LFMF

When feeling groggy and in a rush, remember to put your skirt on before leaving
the house. #LFMF


I Hope My Niece Has This Taste In Music

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