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Little Women 4

“I think by Saturday night you will find that all play and no work is as bad as all work and no play.” The girls decide that a vacations in order. Though today we would call it a staycation. Their mother thinks by the week’s end they will have become just as sick of all play and no work as they are no sick of all work…

The boiled tea was very bitter, the omelet scorched, and the biscuits speckled with saleratus, but Mrs. March received her repast with thanks and laughed heartily over it after Jo was gone… producing more palatable viands with which she had provided herself, and disposing of the bad breakfast… Whoopty shit the tea was bitter, the egg runny and the biscuits have baking powder on them. It’s still not appropriate to laugh at you kids efforts. Also the fire wasn’t lit and no breakfast on the table seems to be a freaking apocalyptic event in this house. And an other thing. The mother takes a freaking day for herself and its like the world stopped turning for these spoiled brats. Like I said before, whiney selfish behavior.

So let me get this straight… The mother and maid took care of the sweeping and cleaning up books and etc left out by the kids why they were taking time off from house chores but neither one of these ADULTS didn’t take care of the pets letting them die of starvation?!