Today I worked up the nerve to ask my boss for a raise. He discussed it with the CEO and told me instead of the raise I had asked for, they were going to give me a promotion and a much bigger raise.

At the gas station my friend waved his hands at my gas tank, then looked at me and said “I guess ‘Expecto Petroleum’ isn’t a real spell.” I laughed so hard IMMD

I was playing Scrabble on Mom’s iPad, and got a significant jump ahead in points thanks to a well-placed letter. The next word the iPad came up with was “Dang”. That and winning the game by seven points MMD.

My toddler niece said the windshield wipers in the rain look like 2 ladies exercising. For years now, I cannot drive in the rain without a great big grin! IMM Rainy Days 4ever!

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