Pagan Humor XLVI

Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary Part 8
Author Prefers to remain anonymous

Day 977—It has been a week since my female captor discovered my talent for turning on her desk lamp and she has spent the time since attempting to teach me more “tricks”. I decided to employ my favourite trick and proceeded to hide her new shoes. She has spent the last three hours hunting for them. Lol. They’re in the dogs house.

Day 980—She still hasn’t found her shoes and is to distracted by the loss of her check-book, reading glasses and “birth control” pills (I don’t know what those are but boy is she worried about them!) to bother me with any more tricks. This is the best week of my life!

Day 983—At first my little trick of hiding her things was fantastic but now my female capture has been so frazzled by the loss of her things that she forgot to feed me this morning. I have decided to return her things.

Day 984—Wow, I thought she was frazzled when her stuff went missing but I hadn’t seen anything until her stuff returned to where I took it from. She was so frazzled she went to see her friend Psychiatrist. What a name for a human!

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