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Post Secret XV

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I bought my 14 year-old a vibrator (at her request after I offered) because I never want her to feel shame about a normal, human desire. But, I can’t tell anyone because of the way they would judge me as a mother.


My brother recently married a stripper. Although she’s functionally illiterate, probably severely psychologically damaged, and holds a very different set of values from the rest of our family…she’s become my new favorite relative! It’s official: I have a stripper-in-law.


I have an album of pictures of my feet, each one in each country I’ve been. I’m glad to find that somewhere in the globe, someone thinks the exact way I do. Without even knowing who that person is, I feel a connection to them that reminds me that none of us could ever truly be alone in the universe. Thank you for that, whoever you are, and who knows? Maybe one day our feet will be on the same picture.

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