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Conservative Promises of The Past

  1. 250 million per year for companies to establish child care spaces at work places AND $1,200 per year child care allowance for kids under age 6.
  2. Mandatory Prison Sentences for serious drug trafficking, weapons, and violent offences. End house arrest sentences for violent, sexual and other serious offences, scrap the gun registry. -Only the minimum sentence for gun crimes was improved, all other promises were not upheld.
  3. Cut GST (Wow, 1% less tax and we only had to give up healthcare, affordable transportaion and emergency medicine!)
  4. To work with provinces to develop a nation-wide guarantee on wait times; spend $260-million over five years to improve cancer screening and prevention. -Lol. Yeah they seemed to have forgotten they made this promise.
  5. Introduce fixed election dates of every four years, except when a government loses the confidence of the House; “prevent party leaders from appointing candidates without the democratic consent of local electoral district associations.” Accountability bill that bans corporate and union donations.
  6. Replace the Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization program with a new income scheme, introduce a separate disaster relief program, and add $500-million a year annually to farm support programs.
  7. Immigration: Immediately cut the landing fee in half and reduce it over the term of a Conservative government. Create an agency that would pre-assess immigrants’ credentials, and work with employers and provinces to ensure new Canadians meet domestic standards. Support Canadian parents who adopt foreign-born children by extending automatic citizenship to these children once the adoption is final.
  8. ENVIRONMENT: Provide a 16% federal tax credit for transit passes to increase transit ridership and reduce traffic congestion, smog and greenhouse gases. Amend the Clean Air Act to legislate the reduction of smog-causing pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter.
  9. EDUCATION: Provide students or their parents a tax credit for textbooks; exempt the first $10,000 of student scholarship or bursary income from taxation.

Okay but what about us people who aren’t currently going to a post secondary educational program, who use a bicycle for transportation and not public transit, don’t have kids or intend to adopt foreign children or own a farm? My husband and I both work (I have 2 full time jobs that equal 80+ hours a week) and we still can’t afford to buy groceries, take time off to go to a doctor/dentist/etc. or at times pay our bills. Were is our Government Bail out?

It’s not fare that those of us who can’t have children are at a financial disadvantage to those who do have children. Example: My acquaintance (she ain’t a friend but she thinks she is) “Krysty”  she has five children. They do not have food except for what they eat at school, their clothing is worn out and to small, they have lice (at-least) once a year because she (nor her here-today-gone-tomorrow-here-today-gone…. cheating husband) tends to the children’s hygiene, and a whole host of other neglectful behaviors on her part. She receives $600 per month, per child (total of $3000 per month) from the government for no other reason then she has children. She has a full-time job, her husband has a full-time job. She spends less then $300 a month on the children (in total) and the rest goes to buy her booze, smokes and toys (trampoline, pool, new car, etc. etc.)

All I’m saying is that our system is broken and it is time that it was fixed. I believe that the quickest way to fix our country problems is to elect a different government. But unfortunately, I seem to be the only one.

The Conservative Government Won Majority.

I’m contemplating moving to the US, or Siberia, or ANYWHERE that Stephen Harper doesn’t have a Majority Government. That man is nothing but a shaved rat in men’s clothing. How could so many Canadians fall for his lies? AGAIN!!!??

Under his watchful eye (and that of the liberals, but I’ll get to that in a second) we have seen gas prices double, distance to the closest medical center triple, the number of doctors decline to half (though there are thousands of unemployed medical professionals in our country there are no available positions because of spending cuts), and a 1% decrease in GST. Yeah that was worth it!

1% drop in taxes and the public is willing to give up medical care, affordable transportation and and any chance of emergency medical care.

So what about the liberals? Well, they’re better then Harper. That’s about all there is in the “pro” column. Embezzlement scandals, sex scandals and more scandals. So the liberals can’t be trusted as far as you can throw them. Not to mention that every time they loose an election (of any size) they quickly dump their front man. Holy Crap! They change leaders quicker then Michael Ignatieff changes his citizenship. But they’re still better then Harper.