Only LR!!

Monday April 4th my Sister L.R. decided it was time to finally dye her hair back to its original color so that she wouldn’t have to worry about roots and etc. for her September Wedding. Well apparently she made a mistake in her color choice (this same mistake seems to be a 100% guarantee of happening and 90% of people with this side effect have it happen at the hands of professional stylists! So not even the professionals know this can happen every time!). What was this huge mistake?

She dyed her hair from blond to brown. I’ll repeat that because it really is a “Huh?” statement. She dyed her hair from blond (yellow tone) to brown (a green tone). See where this is going? Her hair turned out brown, then faded to silver, then grey,  then green. All in the time span of four hours!

Okay so her hair is green, can’t be that bad right?

Well you tell me. Would you want hair this color?

So okay, her hairs green, she has to go back to work at her seasonal restaurant job in 6 days. Again not so bad. But wait! She just remembered, that wedding she’s preparing for…the meeting with the reverend is in 3 days! If he doesn’t approve the couple at the weekend long marriage seminar then there will be no wedding!

So now L.R. is panicing. So I start Googleing. Lots of results, all of which asking “What do I do?” But only 1 answer as to what will help once the damage has been done (apparently if you are planning to go from blond to brown you should dye your hair red in between with a temp. dye or kool aid or something. Anything as long as it has red base.). The 1 and only after the fact answer…Pour ketchup on your hair and wait 20 minutes.

Okay so now L.R. decides to do a test strip to see if ketchup will work. So she is setting there with Ketchup on part of her head (and thank Goodness it’s the good stuff) and she’s freaking out that the Reverend wont like her and she wont be able to get married and…and…and… So twenty minutes later she washes the ketchup off and…not much change. So she grabs the food coloring. Her last 5 drops of red, 10 drops of neon pink, 5 drops neon purple and enough water to make it look like beet juice.  She puts that on an other part of her hair and waits five minutes because she wants to cancel out the green not become a red head.

Well the results are kinda purple/red. But if Green Hair+Red Color=Less green then To red Color+ some green Color= Less red right? Yes. By adding a few drops of green to the mix, L.R. was able to come up with a food color mixture that cancelled out the green in her hair and she now has a very nice ash blond.

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