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Moygo’s Game Reviews I

Review of Xbox 360 Games. These ratings are based on content, graphics, story line, ease of play, age appropriate content for the rating given them. Ratings are out of 5*

  • 3D Ultra Mini Golf 5/5- Fun, good graphics, easy to play, safe for players of all ages.
  • A world of keflings 4/5- First off, the ability to save during the demo would be nice. It’s a cute/fun game once you get into it a little bit, but once you’ve spent time playing it enough to appriciate it, you’ll want to be able to save.
  • Age of booty 3/5- Simply put I found it to be a “Click &wait style game”.  So the story line is slow, the game play is a lot of waiting and it was just boring for me.
  • Bomberman Live 4.5/5- Cute game, good content and etc. only issue is it is a little monotonous.
  • Buku Sudoku 5/5- It’s Sudoku what more can I say.
  • Bulletstorm 2/5- The game creates are trying WAY to hard to make the game “cool” but they do at least explain how to play via an extremely long cut scene.
  • Castle Crashers 4/5- Really nothing wrong with this game except the demo I played wasn’t really long enough to get a feel for it. I believe this game does have great potential though.
  • Custome Quest 0/5- SLOW, boring and pointless. Story line sucks.
  • Deathspank 4/5- Catch phrases get tiresome.
  • Fullhouse poker 4.5/5- My only complaint was that I  can’t speed up NPC players and that can make the game drag on and on.
  • ilomio 4/5-To tough for kids and to childish for adults.
  • Poker smash 5/5- It’s tetrus, it’s poker, it’s brain puzzles, it’s Poker Smash! I love this game.
  • Raskulls 5/5- If you are looking for a cute game, with cute characters, funny story line and short cut scenes, this is for you. Download the demo and you’ll fall in love.
  • Stackables 1/5- This is how the game play goes. Five minute cut scene, take two steps, cut scene, take five steps, cut scene, take five steps, cut scene, take 7 steps… Turn the game off and chuck it out the window.
  • Voodoo dice 5/5- Yet an other game I simply love. It’s fun, it’s a puzzle but it’s not an overly difficult puzzle and that’s good when you just wanna have fun.
  • You don’t know jack 4/5- A lot of double entendre and sexual innuendos. Great for an adult only party but I wouldn’t want my pre-teen kids hearing the stuff they say. Also the demo only has 2 “episodes” to play and the full game appears to only have 7. This means that since you play episodes and not random questions, once you’ve played all seven episodes the game is done and I know that seven episodes would only last one night of game play with my friends and I.


  • While I was working register, a teenage boy (pants sagging low of course) was checking out with some items he had. meanwhile, an elderly gentleman cam up behind him and said ‘Christ, kid, pull your pants up, I know your balls ain’t that big!’ The kid flushed red and ran out the door without even bothering to get his change, IMMD!
  • Before my mom passed away, she started a holiday tradition called Health Wealth and Happiness bags. Oranges for health, Chocolate coins for wealth, and Chunky candy bars for happiness. After searching all over town I finally found the last two Chunky bars available. Being able to continue a favorite holiday tradition totally MMD!
  • Today, I was in a supermarket and happened to be wearing my black raincoat and Slytherin scarf (because I’m a massive nerd) I was standing by the Halloween stuff when I heard a small gasp and a little kid was starring at me. He whispered something to his mum and kept starring she smiled at me and said “He just asked why you weren’t at school already and was it because dobby had locked you out of the platform to” totally and completely IMMD
  • I was sitting at the bar and a guy sits down a couple chairs over from me. He says to me, “Have you ever had a day where you feel like your leg is going to fall of?” As I start to commiserate he takes his prosthetic leg off and sets it in the seat between us. We both cracked up and it MMD!
  • The other day I was struggling with tidying my incredibly messy room, and just couldn’t keep motivated. As I was listening to the radio, I decided to text in requesting a song. When the DJ read it out, it turned out that he’d gone to primary school with me and recognized my name! Randomly finding an old friend again MMD!