*While driving around town in my niece’s car, her 3 year old son was talking on a toy cell phone in the back seat. We stopped at a light and promptly heard him say, very seriously, “Hey I’m gonna have to call you back. My phone’s dying”. IMMD

*4000 volts is enough to shock you through rubber gloves. you will end up in burn treatment. #LFMF

*I work at a college where one of our commuter students lost her house in a fire. She has three children, including a 2 year old. My sister offered to donate my 4-year-old nephew’s clothes that no longer fit. After bagging up the clothes, and explaining that the clothes were going to be given to a little boy whose house burned down, my nephew went and got two of his hot wheels cars. He put them in the bag and said “He can have some of my cars too.” IMMD.

*Even if a child begs to watch a seemingly innocuous movie while their sick it’s important to think carefully on if the possible outcomes. My 38-year-old brother still doesn’t particularly care for Oompa Loompas even after all this time. #LFMF {Note from Moygo: My sister was 5 with the chicken pox and mom let her watch Stephen King’s It. 20 Years later she still has a thing about clowns.}

*I was sitting at my computer when I saw something small and white go by my door. The president of my company then followed it carrying a golf club. He saw me and said, rather sheepishly, “Just ignore that small white mouse that just ran past.” IMMD.

*Before putting on that oil and wax based chapstick you left in the car, check to see if it has melted. Otherwise you’ll be pouring liquid hot wax all over your lips and chin. #LFMF

*A teen aged acquaintance of mine posted a status update saying she was tired of anti-LGBT bullying at her school. I sent her a few helpful links and encouraged her to find a way to support those who were being hurt. The school district’s first Gay/ Straight Alliance meeting was held this week, thanks to her initiative. IMMD!

*If a friend asks you if you want a “teeny weenie”, the correct answer is never “I already have one, even if the object in question is an oscar mayer wiener whistle. #LFMF

*One day my mum and my younger brother were fooling around in the kitchen throwing a bit of water after eachother. Suddenly my mum got very serious and said they had to stop because the bowl my brother was holding was very expensive. My brother stopped and handed her the bowl while apologizing. My mother quickly emptied the bowl over his head and walked away laughing loudly. IMMD.

*When waiting for the bus on a street that is completely deserted except for one other lady at the bus stop with one of those white canes with a red stripe, don’t think you can take this opportunity to scratch your man parts. The “blind” lady may just be “vision impaired” and may not appreciate the fact you thought she couldn’t notice you scratching yourself down there. #LFMF

*Yesterday, the last day of school before winter break, the school band paraded around the school playing music. When my theater Teacher heard, he didn’t just walk out of the classroom to listen, he skipped along right beside the band. So did the rest of my class and I. And so did the rest of the school when they saw us. IMMD!

*I live a couple hundred miles away from my mum who is awesome, hilarious and my best friend. She found out that my housemate and I were holding a Christmas party for some girlfriends so she sent us a HUGE box of treats – food, decorations, candles, games, you name it – all individually wrapped and packaged. Then at the bottom she’d also included a two page poem she’d written all about the box and it’s contents. MM(and my housemates)Xmas!

*This morning on my way to work I got stuck on an icy patch, and a complete stranger helped push my car back onto the pavement. Then, a mile or so later at a stoplight, I realized that one of the cars ahead of me was in the same situation. As if on queue doors popped open on half a dozen cars as people jumped out to help push! The kindness of strangers on these cold, snowy roads MMD!


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