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Pagan Humor XIX

Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary Part 3

Author Prefers to remain anonymous

Day 820—Today my captors locked me in the basement for a “dinner party” after waiting for the party to start for almost an hour, I decided to use the air ducts to explore the reason for their slowness. I discovered that they were having the party with out me. However I was able to dine on some of the giant bird they had left on the kitchen counter. Unfortunately I was barely full when the female discovered me. My hind quarters still sting from the news paper.

Day 826—After days of angry looks from my captors I have decided that tonight is the night I shall escape. When they leave for their nightly walk, I shall sneak out the door with them.

Day 826.5—The escape will have to wait, it is raining.

Day 830—Success. When my female captor left this morning for work she did not see be slip out with her. I managed to bring this diary with me and a little food in my mouth. In hind sight perhaps I should have left the diary and brought more food. However not all is lost. Their is a squire in the trees somewhere. I can hear him and his friends chatting. It is a squirrel that speaks in long “Aaawooo” howls, right?