Archive for October 19, 2010


*I found an envelope outside my train station with a letter and $2 inside. The letter reads, “Loose Change the World – This money was left here specifically for your use. I know it’s not much – perhaps just enough to treat yourself to a cookie, coffee, a lottery ticket, a donation to the homeless, a new pair of socks. In …any case, I hope it “changes” your day for the better.” WIN and IMMD.

*If the recipe says to let the bread dough rise to double its size, make sure the bowl you use is at least twice as big as the original dough. #LFMF

*I used to work with children with special needs and one of the things we worked on was how to be more independent. We would often take them to Wal-Mart to do shopping and one day two of them were debating which coupon was the best for TP when a lady shouted at us “why do you have to bring kids like that here?” One of the girls yelled right back “Because we need toilet paper like everyone else!” It TOTALLY MMD

*When your young son enjoys the music of “Bare Naked Ladies” don’t let him search for the band online. #LFMF

* Today I saw a guy flying a kite on a fishing rod. IMMD.

*Never play videos of hungry, distressed kittens to a female cat. She thought I was sitting on and squishing kittens, and bit me to get me to stand up. She’s still suspicious of me. #LFMF

*Today I mentioned to my friend that I was stressed. When he asked me why, I replied saying it was mainly hormones. His reply: “Damn those simple amino acid chains!” IMMD

*Before taking vitamins, make sure you read the label, because those vitamins just possibly could be the kind that are meant to be dissolved in water, and you WILL end up looking like a rabid dog. #LFMF

*Today I realized that my neighbor plays the bagpipes. I live next to the city fire department. IMMD

*Don’t ever think you can save time by brushing your teeth and using a q-tip at the same time. You will inevitably twirl your toothbrush and jam the q-tip deep into your brain. #LFMF