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My husband always complained that I couldn’t make a roast like his mom. We were visiting his sister and she made roast. My husband exclaimed,”Thisis just like mom used to make. Tell my wife how you did it!” My sister-in-law turned to me and said, “It’s burnt.” HAH! SO MMD! 

Live every day like he’s deploying tomorrow. Because one day he could be gone, and the next, gone forever. Don’t put off love. Be here now. #LFMF

I ride a motorbike to work every day, and I sit between middle and fast lanes of the cars as they crawl along. One hot day as I got closer to a van full of contractors the passenger put his feet out of the window for the breeze. For such a big guy he screamed like a girl when on my way past I grabbed his foot! Laughed all the way home, and so did everyone else in the van!

Turns out these nifty new erasable pens are actually heat sensitive so while cramming for a final exam don’t place a pot of hot tea on your notes #LFMF

I was just outside my house having a cigarette reading the smoking kills warning, and a falling branch misses me by inches. They ain’t kidding, decided that’s my last packet but the moment MMD.

That $200 motor kit for your bike can handle speeds of up to 45km/h. Unfortunately, your brakes can’t. #LFMF

Overheard the following between two sons tonight — Upon opening a carton of mint choc chip ice cream, one expressed disappointment. the other responded, “it’s mint chocolate chip, what did you want it to be?” With my favorite comeback of the year, the first replied, “Full.”

If you need some felt for a craft project, do not announce to your dad that you are “Going to the mall to get felt”. #LFMF

Today, as I was driving to work, a police cruiser in front of me put on its lights and stopped traffic on the road, for no apparent reason. I was starting to get annoyed until I saw the policeman get out of his car to rescue a turtle from the road. Totally MMD.

Just because you’re married to a girl doesn’t mean she won’t punch you in the face while taking a peek at her in the shower. #LFMF

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