Archive for September 20, 2010


I saw a woman with
a lower back tattoo that said "Trust No Man." She was
pregnant. IMMD

When tapping your foot to the music while driving, tap your left foot, not your right one. #LFMF

I discovered the reset code for our IP phones is "*27238", but it’s more
easily remembered as "star-c-r-a-f-t". IMMD

When you put a brand-new rechargeable 9-volt battery in the charger,
make sure it’s turned around the right way, or it won’t charge. The day
after, when it STILL isn’t charged, take it out of its clear plastic
wrapper and try again. #LFMF

Today I got to be a deer midwife and delivered a fawn who was stuck
upside down. It was so gross, but IMMD!

Nail polish might seem like it would make a long lasting lipstick, but
no. Not only does it burn like acid on your lips, it shrinks while doing
so. #LFMF

28 years ago, my mother dropped out of college to take care of me. Then
came my brother… then my sister… and then my littlest sister. She’s
been busy for a long time. Today, we all applauded as we watched her
walk the stage to receive her bachelor’s and it totally MMD

Do not try things you learn about here at Learn From My Fail… #LFMF

Over the years I have collected stuffed sheep as a hobby, but upon our
recent move, I realized I had way to many. So I listed my extras on
craigslist and had an instant response from a grandmother looking for
toys for her six grandkids who lost their toys in a house flood. It was
great to give the sheep to kids who would enjoy them and play with
them. IMMD!!

Dont assume your 12 year old daughter realizes that the blood during a
period is not blue like in the commercials. You may be awaken at 1
o’clock in the morning to her crying thinking there is something wrong
with her. #LFMF

A kid I fence with told me that he sent an email to the Jonas brothers,
in which he called them idiots. They responded. He didn’t tell me what
they said, but he said he learned a bunch of new swear words. IMMD.

Never own both a light-haired cat and a dark-haired cat. No matter what you choose to wear, you just can’t win. #LFMF