Some People Can Be So Rude!!!

Sept. 19, 2010

Being a large woman I am use to people staring at me on occasion. However in my hometown there are a lot of woman much larger then I. So last evening while out grocery shopping, when my husband and I stopped at McDonald’s for a bite (and to grab a couple burgers for the next day’s lunch) I was very annoyed when this super skinny woman was staring at me. Now I could understand if perhaps she was dressed like Princess Diana (may she rest in peace) but no. This woman was wearing tights (you know those pantyhose people think are real pants but you can still totally see through them in the right light, or the wrong light…), flip-flops and a winter coat. Seriously you’re almost naked from the waist down and you’re wearing a winter coat???? Anyway, she was staring at me the entire time we were in the “restaurant”. She would look at my shoes, and then my legs and even bent over slightly to look under the table at my stomach. Then she would start at my feet again.

Okay, fine. critique my clothing choices and my chubby figure, just remember, you’re wearing pantyhose as pants, flip-flops and a winter coat and you’re in McDonald’s at 9 pm on a Saturday, just like me. So kiss my ass you old bat!!! Lol.

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