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Pagan Humor III

You may be a redneck pagan (Part 1)

  1. If you think a goblet is a young turkey….
  2. If you think Drawing Down the Moon means demolishing the outhouse….
  3. If you call your coven mates "Bud" and "Sis"….
  4. If your idea of the "Goddess" is the Coors Swedish Bikini Ski Team….
  5. If your Bard plays the banjo….
  6. If your favorite robe has the logo of a manufacturer of major farm equipment on the back….
  7. If the instructions to get to your Covenstead include the words "After you turn off the paved road"….
  8. If your Eternal Flame just happens to be under a still….
  9. If your High Priestess is your cousin – as well as your wife….
  10. If your ceremonial garb consists of cut-offs and a tube top…