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Gift Cards Now Available

Enter your name, the amount to send, the name of the person you are sending it to, the email of the person you are sending it to (do it twice for confirmation), a note if you wish and finally choose either to send it through email and when to send it, OR print it and deliver it by hand. It’s that easy to give someone a Moygo Gift Card.

Adam Lambert furor spreads to gay community

Once again Yahoo wont post my comment, so here it is.

My comment for article:

Seriously???? This is a big deal? I honestly don’t think that what Adam did is worth all this publicity. Let’s concentrate on something that actually effects the outcome of the world. Let’s face it Adam kissing and "grinding" an other guy is not going to cause any long term effect on the world. Global warming, AIDS, Cancer, Heart Disease, these are things worthy of our attention.