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JFK’s nephew barred from communion

The nephew of ex-president John F. Kennedy, a US lawmaker, has been
barred from receiving communion at his Catholic church due to his
support for abortion rights…… Read the full article here:

This is my comment on the article.
Yahoo wouldn’t let me post for some reason (and it’s not the world satanist, I took it out and still couldn’t post).

At my mom’s catholic church anyone who walks in gets communion. At my grandfather’s funeral, even a cousin who is a satanist got communion (he did it as a joke){Personally I think it was disrespectful and I only mention it as an example of how it didn’t hurt the church to have done it}. So seriously what is the big deal? Is the church going to start screen everyone who wants communion?"Oh I’m sorry little girl we can’t save your soul because you stole you sister’s dolly." Lol.