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To Funny Not To Share.

I went grocery shopping with my sister (L.R.) the other day (Saturday Aug. 1st) and I needed BBQ sauce, Ketchup and Oranges. So the oranges and BBQ sauce where no problem. But when I got to the ketchup isle things got weird (things being my sister. Lol). She and her boyfriend (A.B.) are standing there looking at Salsa and I reach down and grab a squeeze bottle of cheap ketchup. I can’t remember if it was PC or No Name but it was one of the “store” brands. Anyway she takes on look at the bottle and like freaks out!!!

“You are not buying that. I’ll give the extra money to buy the Heinz.” She says. I just laugh and try putting it in the cart.

“DO NOT! put that in my cart. I’m giving you the extra $1.50 for the Heinz. You are not buying that crappy ketchup.”

That’s when her Boyfriend speaks up, almost singing. “It’s not ketchup if it isn’t Heinz ketchup.” Then in a more normal tone “That cheap stuff is just moldy tomatoes and sugar.”

Isn’t that what all ketchup is?? Moldy, old tomatoes and sugar?

Anyway. I had to buy the “good” stuff. Thank Goodness she doesn’t go shopping with me every time! Lol. (Jay if you are reading this…Love ya!)